Listoke 1777



Listoke 1777 Original Gin has received several awards, including; Best Irish Gin and Best Gin in Europe. It has subtle Orange and Spice flavours that lead to a robust, refreshing gin that can be served neat with ice or with a peel of orange and a good quality tonic water!

 This Gin is the perfect gift - for a loved one or yourself!!

Listoke Cacao & Raspberry Gin



Listoke Cacao & Raspberry Gin was our response to the pink gin craze but without the artificial flavours and colours.

This gin is light and sweet and perfect for summer! Serve with some fresh berries and a tonic or 7up for the perfect Gin Delight!


Listoke Sloe Gin



Listoke Sloe Gin is not for the faint hearted!

Our Gin is soaked in Sloe Berries for 1 year before being diluted with Irish Honey which gives it its beautiful natural colour. We recommend drinking this one neat with some ice as a sipping gin – also goes down well with whiskey drinkers!